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HashFlare Profit Calculator and Maintenance Fees

It is very easy to become a HashFlare partner and start cloud mining. It is a profitable thing more, and more people are getting involved with every new day. Now you don’t need to hear all that constant fans noise in your apartment and set all the required equipment for better hashrate.

While you are working with HashFlare, you have a benefit of mining for minimal entry price and even more. Besides top-class cloudmining features, this website also offers various tools for better management of your own income. One of those tools is HashFlare profit calculator. This tool has a user-friendly interface and can make your ROI calculations easier. Let’s find out what it is all about.

HashFlare ROI Calculations

Return on investment is an important index to deal with. To have better results and to act properly you need to know every little aspect of the entire picture of your income and mining possibility. That is what this tool was created for.

While in the past a customer should do all the calculations personally, these days everything is way simpler. You don’t need all those complex indexes of pool cost, conversation rates, and mining rates. Just type in main points into the HashFlare calculator and check the result.

HashFlare Calculator Instruction

To calculate your HashFlare ROI, you should just visit the calculator page. Every contract also has its own calculator by the way. You will have to set the calculator with those four main points:

  • Investment amount
  • Contract type
  • Power
  • Period of time

The entire income consists of the payouts you receive on a regular basis. Don’t forget to set all power values to zero.

If you are working with Scrypt or SHA-256, you need to note that there is a special maintenance fee. You have to deduct this sum from the result you got from the HashFlare profit calculator. The sum you got, in the end, is the profit you are looking for.

But you don’t have to do anything if you are using EQUIHASH, ETHASH or X11. Here are all five HashFlare contracts you can use:

  1. EQUIHASH to mine ZCash
  2. ETHASH to mine Ethereum
  3. SHA-256 to mine Bitcoin
  4. X11 to mine DASH
  5. Scrypt to mine Litecoin

All those contracts have one year period.

All the payouts you receive during your mining process by HashFlare can be seen on the Balance Panel. Also, there will be some other useful indexes you can use for your calculations and analytics. Besides, HashFlare does its updates of info immediately.


Also, HashFlare offers another great feature that will help you to increase your income. If you are using SHA-256 and Scrypt algorithms, you are free to make your income work for you on a regular basis. It is called Reinvest. Your balance should be on a minimum sum for this action. You also can set this feature on automatic and reinvest some certain sum every time you get a payout.

To enable or disable this feature just use the dashboard in your account and select Reinvest menu. Don’t forget to choose your hashrate type and contract. This feature will allow you to increase your hashrate constantly by reinvesting higher indexes with every new payout. And higher hashrate means higher income. Everything is simple.

About HashFlare Maintenance Fee

Cloud mining is a complicated process. One needs a great amount of time and other resources to set the equipment properly and get a proper hashrate for really valuable income. While HashFlare is doing that entire job for you, you as a customer still need to think about maintenance and resources consumption.

Even such massive computers which are used by HashFlare should have a proper treatment, and its customers should provide that treatment with charges for maintenance. MEF stands for Maintenance Electricity Fees, and it speaks for itself.

But you don’t need to think about some monstrous fees that will take the larger part of your daily income, no. The fee is a tiny amount of money HashFlare is charging.

As you see, there are only two pools mentioned. It is because other three contracts don’t require any fees at all. So if you are working with other pools than SHA-256 or Scrypt, there will be no fees at all.

Those sums aren’t listed in your daily payout invoice. But HashFlare is going to extract those sums from your bill automatically. So, to calculate your profit for Bitcoins and Litecoins, you should deduct that fee from your income. That is it.

Please, don’t forget to monitor BTC/USD exchange rate constantly as fees and income are generated in different currencies.

If you still have any questions about hashrates and calculations, you are free to contact a HashFlare rep personally by phone or Skype.