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Nothing but the Truth: Is HashFlare Legit?

HashFlare is one of those cloud mining services with great history and reputation. But is everything as clear as it seems? Let’s learn if this company can be trusted. This review will also tell you how to start with your own account and earn money with the service. If you still wonder if HashFlare legit or scam, this article is for you.

Few Words about HashFlare

The company was established in 2014. These days it is one of the most popular cloudmining services on the market. It is standing for clarity and simplicity of the entire mining process. Also, HashFlare tries to make cloud mining more affordable to the masses with its low entry prices and user-friendly interface.

Due to various testimonials and review online, this service is reliable and treats each customer properly. You can choose from a wide number of pools offered by the company. There are five of them, actually, and it is more than enough to dig into the entire world of Cryptocurrency, even if you are just a beginner.

You are free to choose the value of the hashpower you like. The more, the better. But you can start with the lowest price to see if it is really working for you to mine. The company is setting its farms to allow users from all over the world to avoid buying that expensive computer and save their money on bills.

HashFlare Pools to Choose from

As soon as you proceed with your payment, the mining process will start immediately. Here are the main HashFlare pools and plans you can suggest for buying. Every point is available for one-year contract.

  1. SHA-256
  4. X11
  5. Scrypt

As we said before, you can choose from few different prices. The lowest one is ZCash algorithm miner pool which costs just $2.00. It is, probably, the lowest entry price you can find on the market today. At the same time, the highest HashFlare price for Script algorithm of $7.50 is not the highest one you can meet online.

HashFlare Tutorial

To start working with, you don’t need to have any certain Cryptocurrency experience. Just visit the official website and register your private account. Then set settings and start working. In this HashFlare review, you can learn it in details.

Start Your Own Account

So, start with Look around, read some notes and offers on the website. They also have an interesting blog there. There is really lots of stuff. The entire website interface is quite simple and clear. You can also check the number of languages they have on the list. The entire registration process will take you just a few minutes.

Enter the dashboard and type in your email address. After that, you will have to get through some security procedures and start using the mining program. Your BTC balance will be shown on the dashboard. That is the amount of money you can withdraw.

Also, HashFlare has one great option of reinvesting your income from SHA-256 and Scrypt algorithms. You can also check your potential profit due to the hashpower index you have chosen. Just use Buy Hashrate button to buy hashpowers just after registering your account.

Hashrate at Hashflare

The entire process of buying those hashrates is simple. And HasFlare tries to simplify that process even more. You need to enter the number of hashrates you want to buy and confirm your purchase.

As HashFlare stands for clarity and transparency of their fees and processes, you will see the note that HA256 and SCRYPT pools charge a special maintenance fee. Don’t worry, the fee is very low and at some point, absolutely symbolic. Those two clouds are more complex than others so, its management needs more power. All other pools such as Dash, Ethereum, and ZCash don’t charge any additional fees.

How to Pay

The payment system at HashFlare is simple as any other process provided by this company. As the developers are aiming to make cloudmining affordable for everyone, simplicity and usability are key points of their game.

On the last stage of your order, you see the paying method form. There you can also type in your discount or promo code if you have one, of course. There is a Redeem code button you can use for that.

The list of methods to pay your bill is impressing. Again, HashFlare does everything to make it comfortable and easy to use for various types of people. So, you can choose from:

  • Wire transfer
  • Credit card
  • Bitcoin
  • Payeer
  • Emercoin
  • Webmoney

All the payments transfer immediately to let you start mining as soon as possible. Besides, the first payout is possible just after the first 24 hours.


HashFlare no scam. It has nothing to do with any unfair business and is totally driven by love to Cryptocurrency. You can be sure your money is safe, and they are working. Feel free to contact these guys to learn more about the service and its pricing.